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  • For a lovely salad dressing add organic dried lavender flowers.
  • Tie a handful of fresh lavender flowers together with decorative string or ribbon, and hang it on a door for a cozy & fragrant décor.
  • For lavender infused vinegar, add a handful of organic lavender buds (dried or fresh) to 2 cups white wine or apple cider vinegar. Let sit for up to 6 weeks, shaking every few days. Strain before use.
  • Place a lavender pillow in your linen closet & dresser drawers, to add a sweet scent to clothes and linens.
  • Use organic lavender flower blooms to decorate a cake.
  • Add crushed dried lavender flowers to your homemade liquid soap recipe.
  • Add organic lavender blooms to your homemade blackberry jam for a nice & fragrant variation.
  • Make a Dream Pillow by stuffing dried flower heads into a sachet and place under the pillowcase at bedtime


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